Bartelt Dancers

Competition Results 2018-2019

Highlights of our competition season...

This season, our dancers picked up:

-1 elite Platinum

-7 Platinums

-15 High Golds

​-1 Gold

-4 First Overall Awards, 5 Second Overalls, 2 Third Overalls, 1 Fourth Overall, 2 Fifth Overalls, 3 Seventh Overalls, 1 Eighth Overall, 2 Ninth Overalls, and 2 Tenth Overall awards!

-1 Judges Choice Award

-1 Group Icon Award

Congratulations to our dancers who picked up some scholarships at Energy Dance convention and the breathe dance convention.

Bartelt Dancers Company

BDCO is a competitive dance team that offers increased training and performance opportunities to our students.
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