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Bartelt Dancers





The Bartelt Dancers 2020 Recital

"I Feel Like Dancing"

Last Day of Classes:

Mon. May 11th, Tues. May 12th, Wed. May 13th, Thurs. May 14th, Sat. May 16th, Sun. May 17th

Tech Rehearsal:

  • Tech Rehearsal will be the last week of summer classes during the normal class schedule, July 20th-23rd.

What's in my Parent Portal?

In your parent portal you will find: The correct version of your dancer's recital music, a picture of their costume, and the accessories your dancer will need for their performance! Teachers will also list the appropriate shoes, hairstyle, and how to style the hair piece. 

Costume Pickup:

Costumes are available for pick-up at the studio. Please call or email to arrange a time to pick up your costumes.

Dress Rehearsals:

Dress rehearsals are rescheduled for Tuesday, August 4th, Wednesday, August 5th, and Thursday, August 6th. The dress rehearsal day and time for your dancer's class / classes are listed in the corresponding dress rehearsal forms.

Tuesday, August 4th Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday, August 5th Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, August 6th Dress Rehearsal


Recreational Level Classes: Saturday, August 8th

Company Level Classes: Sunday, August 9th